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Kerrick EI 3021 Electric Cold Water Pressure Washer

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Quick Overview

Kerrick 3 phase cold water pressure washer.
Slow spinning motor 1440 R.P.M.
Heavy duty brass pump and unloader valve
Gun with brass swivel
Detergent injector
2 wheel zinc plated portable trolley

Product No. 00EI3021

Motor / Pump RPM 1440
Input V/Hz 400
Weight kg 70
Separating the men from the boys this industrial pressure washer doesn’t muck around. Putting out an impressive 200 bar with a flow of 21 l/min dirt and debris is blasted away in no time at all, making it ideal for industrial applications where time is money. Features include a slow speed pump, heat dispersing coupling and mounting plate for a high pressure hose reel. The heavy duty corrosion resistant frame is wheel mounted and comes with a handle to allow easy movement. The frame also comes with a convenient lifting point which allows the pressure washer to be moved in and out of vehicles using a forklift or material handling lift.

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