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Kerrick FL300 Floor Tile Cleaner

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Kerrick Tile Surface Cleaner model FL300. Part no MOS FL300
• This light weight, multi-functional surface cleaner is suitable for cleaning any flat surface. You can clean walls and stairs as well as sidewalks and decks. The Economy Line is available in different sizes and styles to fit your needs.
• Ready to install
• Multi-functional and suitable for any surface
• Available in various designs
• Environmental protection is more important than ever These vacuum units have a double wall housing to optimise vacuum power.
• Can be used with a VH623 PL/P Vacuum or any Kerrick high pressure cleaner
• MOS FL 200V and MOS FL 300V have a vacuum port

The Kerrick Floor Tile Cleaner is a versatile and functional unit that cleans far more than just tiles. With this multi-functional surface cleaner you can quickly and easily remove dirt, mould and moss from brick walls, boat hulls, jetties, steps, pavements, windows and more. Package comes with lightweight stainless steel cover and wand extension.

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