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Kerrick Gum Removing Whirlaway

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Kerrick Surface Cleaner - Gum Remover including gum remover nozzle.
Part No. MOS FL AHB D250
• Designed for use with petrol high pressure cleaners to remove gum and other debris
• Ideal for removing chewing gum from large public areas such as footpaths, train stations and schools
• Two nozzle rotor arms to deliver precision cleaning without striping or damaging surfaces
• Four solid castor wheels for excellent mobility and to reduce operator fatigue
• Effective and efficient cleaning
• Fluid recovery system
• Gum remover bracket
• One year commercial warranty

Make life easier with an “all in one” surface cleaner and gum remover for public spaces like railway stations, parks or school grounds that are covered with unsightly wads of chewing gum and dirty grimey build ups. This innovative Whirlaway breaks up and removes gum using the special nozzle attached to the back of the surface cleaner, quickly and easily removing chewing gum in an eco-friendly way without using chemical detergents. The rotor arms also cleans surfaces like a standard whirlaway, consequently giving you the full cleaning package and saving you time. Highly popular with local Councils and Contract cleaners this unit has height adjustable housing and recycles and recovers water allowing for quicker drying times and water savings.

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