BAR K250 10 150T Industrial Pressure Cleaner


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Comet’s professional units are your go to where safety and security are factors. Model K250 10 150T

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Product Description

Comet K250 Pressure Washer
Sturdy injection-moulded plastic casing
Handy lance and gun storage
Handle with supports for the power cable and delivery hose
Comes with hose reel
Easy maintenance by simply removing the front casing
Big wheels (Ø 210 mm) for easy movement up and down steps and over uneven ground
Removable detergent tank with level visible from the outside
Detergent adjustment with filter
Regulated low-pressure detergent suction
Pressure gauge
Rotary switch

2000 PSI @ 10 Litres per Minute
Manufactured in Italy

4-pole motor (1400 rpm) well oversized and protected with paint
2.2kW Power
15Amp Outlet
Motor thermal protection
Comet Plunger Pump
Built-in professional unloader valve
Delayed Total Stop
Self-priming pumps with EASY START device on singlephase models
Built in Italy

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