BAR KP3.10 Classic Hot Pressure Cleaner


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BAR KP3.10 Pro Classic Hot Pressure Cleaner
Professional series

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Motor / Pump rpm 2800
Input V/HZ 240 volts
Weight KG 95
Flow Rate 10l/m
Water Pressure 2030
Dimensions 940x620x880

Product Description

BAR KP3.10 Pro Classic Hot Pressure Cleaner
• 15 litres capacity fuel tank with level float and fill up filter
• Regulated low-pressure detergent suction
• 4 poles (1400 rpm) motor with thermal protection
• Delayed TotalStop
• EASY-START on single phase models
• Safety valve for boiler protection
• Boiler thermal protection
• Rotary On-Off switch
• Temperature setting thermostat
• Amperometric control (on three-phase models)
• Motor rotating control (on three-phase models)
• Phase control indicator (on three-phase models)
“• No fuel” indicator

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