Diesel Engine Hot Water HP Washers

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Diesel Engine Hot Water High Pressure Washers

Item # 122 HOT FDX15160


Product Description

Professional hot water high pressure washer for uses without connection to electricity grid.

Yanmar L70V Diesel engines
Heavy duty tubular steel frame coated with cataphoresis treatment
Electrical starting-up
No engine-oil safety device (oil-alert)
Automatic decelerator to reduce RPM in by-pass mode
Comet ZWD self priming triplex pump with ceramic pistons, brass head and bolt-on valve
Fuel tank with level float and fill up filter
Double coil vertical stainless steel high efficiency boiler with stainless steel outer casing
Electronic temperature setting system allowing the release of water at a constant temperature
PED 2014/68/CE cat. II certification
Flow-switch operated burner
Safety valve
Boiler thermal protection
Flame control kit

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