HOT 10/12 KF Hot Water Pressure Cleaner


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Comet Industrial Hot Water Pressure Cleaner with accessories supplied

Product no. 108 HOT10/12 KF


Product Description

Comet Industrial Hot Water Pressure Cleaner

Fuel tank with level visible from the outside, level floater and fill up filter
High-pressure detergent suction with proportional detergent regulation
Water tank with cartridge filter and floater
Anti-scale device with pump and tank (2.5 l)
2 big solid wheels & 2 swivel wheels
Professional 4-pole motor 1400 rpm
15 seconds timed TotalStop
Electronic temperature setting system with constant water temperature
Boiler with stainless steel casing & Flow-switch controlled burner
Safety valve & Boiler thermal protection

1550 PSI @ 12 Litres per Minute
Manufactured in Italy

230V Electric Motor
2.2kW / 3.0HP Power

Comet FW2 Series Plunger Pump
1440 RPM Pump Speed
140°C Max Temperature
Built in Italy

Stainless Steel Casing
Painted Steel Frame
Weight 180Kg

Accessories included:
10 Metres of hose, spray gun, lance with nozzle & flame control kit
Supplied ready to go

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