KTX3.10 Hot Water Pressure Cleaner


Quick Overview

BAR Hot water pressure cleaner with comet pump and 16 litre diesel tank.


Product Description


Performance: 2175 Psi @ 10 l/minute
Comet Motor Pump – Low 1450 Rpm with LWK pump like KP Pro 3.10M
Single Phase – 240V50Hz Single phase, with 5 metres cable and 13 Amp AU plug
Delayed Total stop .
Separate motor fan for the vertical high efficiency boiler and quality diesel pump. This machine is built with a high efficiency burner, and can generate higher temperature, up to 110 ° C, compared to similar machines
Diesel alarm indicator on panel control.
Electronic pc board will work in 24 V
The machine will have on the panel control pressure gauge .
10mts rubber hose R1.
Diesel tank 16 litres
Detergent built in tank (4.2 lt) for indirect suction
Comet gun GH301

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