Maer Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaner Master 200/30

Quick Overview

BAR Stationery Maer Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaner Master 200/30 with 2900psi.

Item no: 108 Master 20030


Product Description

Painted steel structure with stainless steel panels.
Flame control photocell.
Delayed total stop with leakage control.
Automatic by pass valve.
Safety valve.
Temperature adjustment thermostat (flow switch and pressure switch).
Stainless steel High Efficiency vertical boiler Ventilation by independent electric motor.
Stainless steel water tank with floater to control the water level: machine stop in case of low level water.
Electric antiscale.
Flexible coupling between pump and B3-B14 motor.
High pressure chemical sunction.
24V Low tension electrical controls.
Magnetothermic overload switch.

30 L/min
2900 PSI
1450 RPm


10 m HP hose with quick coupling
120 cm lance
Professional gun
Stainless steel water nozzle


Damper (only for 200 bar)
Support table
Chimney extension
Pre-arrangement for remote control
Sandblasting head
Rotating nozzle
Drain pipe kit

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