Mobile Hot Box Boiler Unit Fire D

Quick Overview

Hot Box Units are ideal where you:
-Have a cold water pressure washer and want to generate hot water
-Prefer a petrol driven pressure washer rather than electric

Product no: 108 Fire D


Product Description

Comet’s Mobile HotBox Unit Feature:
Full stainless steel frame & casing with 2 pneumatic wheels
Water temperature up to 140°C
C3 Double coil (3/8″ Seamless)
Stainless fuel tank with 20 litre capacity

7250 PSI performance
25 Litres per Minute maximum
5 Litres per minute minimum
C3 Seamless Coil (3.0mm Thick)
Water Temperature 140°C
Manufactured in Italy

Power Supply:
230V Power Supply to Fuel Pump
24V Power Supply to Fan Motor

Stainless Steel Casing & Frame
Stainless Steel 20 Litre Fuel Tank
Weight 120Kg

Accessories included:
1.5 Metres of high pressure hose with quick coupling

Also known as: FIRE D (9040001700)

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