Nilfisk IVS 3997 C 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum Solution

Quick Overview

Nilfisk IVS 3997 C 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum. The most powerful “mobile” Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum, featuring 30 HP and up to 36000 l/m airflow. Accessories kit not included. Product no. 4031000011

Input V/HZ 3 phase
Vacuum 620
Airflow M3/H 1116

Product Description

Nilfisk IVS 3997 C 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum
Designed for heavy duty and continuous use, the 3997 series doesn’t need any maintenance and grants an excellent filtering efficiency thanks also to the electric filter shaker. Despite its size, it is very easy to move and to use: the vacuometer monitors the filter, the container is easily extractible, the control panel includes on-off switches, timer and manometer. This vacuum is also equipped with lifting brackets or clamp and brackets and it mounts a comfortable accessory box.

High suction power
Excellent filtering efficiency
Maintenance free
Easy to use
Absolute filter version“L”, “M”,“H”, or PTFE filter
Stainless steel version

Power 22 kW
Max Vacuum 620 mbar
Max Air Flow 1,116 m3/h
Voltage 415/50 V/Hz
Filter surface 65,000 cm2
Inlet Ø 100 mm
Capacity 175 L

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