Nilfisk IVS T22 L100 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum

Quick Overview

Nilfisk T22 L100 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum. High vacuum ideal for lifting heavy product.
Model T22 is a three phase industrial vacuum for wet and dry material. Accessories kit not included.


Product Description

Nilfisk T22 L100 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum
Thanks to the high performance, the Nilfisk model T22 is the three phase industrial vacuum ideal for the metal companies. It can collect wet and dry material and can work continuously (24/7). T22 is equipped with a L class filter, but is also available with M class filter or with HEPA absolute filter for the collection of very fine or hazardous dust. Equipped with a manual filter shaker, the accessories box, the cable holder and the vacuometer that indicates to the operator when the filter has to be cleaned in order to grant a constant top filtering efficiency.

2,2 kW side channel blower placed on the chassis
50 or 100 litres container
Gravity unload system with paper bag or Longopac (“endless” bag)
Silent Manual filter shaker L or M class filter
Vacuometer Plug with inverter
Container with castors and handle
Accessory box, cable-holder and support for pipes

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