Nilfisk MC 5M 115/700 Electric Medium Cold Water


Quick Overview

MC 5M 115/700 (Poseidon 5/30PA). Part no. 107146725
Hose Nozzle 20R 3/4
10 Metre DN8, 2 Wire Hose with Ergo
Female Coupling
ERGO 2000 Standard Gun with Hose Swivel
Tornado Plus 1120 Lance without nozzle
Tornado Nozzle 0435 Indication Ring Blue

Pressure Bar/MPA 115/1670
Cleaning Impact kg/force 3
Water Flow Qiec l/h 11.6/10.5
Pump Inlet Temperature °c 60
Motor / Pump rpm 1450
Input V/HZ 240/1/50/15.5
Weight KG Weight kg
Cable Length 5
Dimensions 735x570x1020

Product Description

Gern MC 5M 115/700 (Poseidon 5-30PA) Medium Cold Water pressure washer
• Innovative and versatile mid range cold water high pressure cleaner
• Tough and sturdy design with 30mm steel frame
• Optimal storage and transport with foldable handle and easy lifting points
• High mobility with large rear wheels and front castor wheel
• Easy accessibility to pump for optimal service access
• 1450 RPM motor and 3 ceramic piston pump for intensive use
• Parking brake
• Automatic start/stop
• Water flow regulation

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