Nilfisk SC500 53B Full Package Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer

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Nilfisk SC500 53B Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer Full package with Ecoflex includes
9100000008 Ecoflex Chemical Kit
80564400 Battery 12V 105AH Gel (x2)
L08837025 Prolene Disc Brush 530mm
L08837018 Pad Holder 530mm
9099995000 Onboard charger
9100000810 Squeegee Blade Kit
9100000703 Filling Hose
9100000795 Tray Debris Kit
9100000843 Operator Key
9100000848 Super User Key

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Input V/HZ 24
Traction Motor 200
Brush Size 530/508
Vacuum Motor 280
Brush Motor 430
Working Speed 4
Brush Ppressure 15/30
Net Weight 85
Operating Weight 207
Squeegee Width 720
Recovery Tank 45/45
Productivity Rate 2650/1590
Scrub Width 530
Dimensions 1277 x 720 x 1063
Sound Pressure 63
Rated Power 930

Product Description

Nilfisk SC500 53B Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer full package
• Designed to provide an easy, cost effective, environmentally sustainable cleaning solution. Ideal for sports centres, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels.
• 530mm brush deck with adjustable brush speed control for differing floor conditions.
• Actuator motor makes lowering and raising the brush deck easier and safer.
• Speed controlled detergent/water flow for consistent cleaning performance
• Separate keys for operators and super users ensures machine settings are controlled.
• Plastic squeegee with patented elastic strap system for easy cleaning and fast blade changing.
• Informative digital display, intuitive icon buttons and ergonomic drive paddle provides simple, one touch control.

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