Nilfisk SC800-71 Large Walk Battery Behind Scrubber Dryer

Quick Overview

Nilfisk SC800-71 Large Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer includes
56112330 Squeegee Blade Kit
DCR-EV305A-A Battery 6V (x4)
56505800 Pad Holder 360mm (x2)
56505804 Prolene Brush 360mm (x2)
56112355 Hose refilling Kit
56112245 On Board Charger

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Input V/HZ 24
Traction Motor 300
Brush Size 355(x2)
Vacuum Motor 490
Brush Motor 550(x2)
Working Speed 5.8
Brush Ppressure 36/77
Net Weight 169
Operating Weight 487
Squeegee Width 910
Recovery Tank 95/95
Productivity Rate 4120/2470
Scrub Width 710
Dimensions 1480 x 780 x 1150
Sound Pressure 61
Airflow M3/H 1800
Rated Power 1890

Product Description

The SC800 is designed for maximum performance, easy handling, low maintenance, superb cleaning results and yet it is an eco-friendly solution.

Perfect for commercial cleaners in shopping centres and other industrial applications. The large tanks allow for extended cleaning times.

The Nilfisk SC800 series of walk-behind scrubber/dryers is designed for heavy-duty cleaning but is easy to handle and flexible in every day cleaning situations. It is ideal for routine cleaning from ultra light to heavy scrubbing such as entryways, spill cleanup, grease removal, grout and porous-surface cleaning.

The SC800 can clean with water only for detergent residue removal. Combined with a new squeegee concept the SC800 scrubber provides more effective water collection, and together with the powerful vacuum motor ensures that the floor dries quickly.

Available in 710mm or 860mm Disc or 710mm Cylindrical.

Powerful brush and vac motors, high down pressure (up to 77 kg), outstanding cleaning and drying performance: the best answer for heavy duty “industrial “tasks
Green oriented: complete consumption control: Ecoflex system, low noise level (only 61dB(A))
Large 95 L solution and recovery tanks give extra capacity for longer working time
The scrub deck is protected with removable covers that prevent damage to walls and doors, while providing easy access for maintenance
Right industrial shape in compact dimensions. No compromise on the ergonomic level and maneuverability

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