Nilfisk VHC 110 Z1 EXA XX Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum


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VHC110 Z1 EXA XX Atex Approved for zone 1 industrial vacuum. Accessories kit not included. Product no. 4062400014


Product Description

VHC110 is an easy to use compressed air industrial vacuum. Conceived to be used where electricity is unavailable or forbidden, by for example the ATEX directives. It is equipped with a new technology of multistage vacuum generator system and available both for standard and ATEX-compliant versions.

The compressed air vacuums grant respect for the environment and the most safety level for the operators even in hazardous locations. Thanks to the new generation multistage vacuum system, it guarantees good performances with the lowest air consumption ever, thus leading to a substantial cost and energy saving. Compact and light VHC110 is equipped with a 37 l container. This unit can be delivered painted or stainless steel, as well as in a flameproof ATEX-compliant version (for zones Gas 1-2 and Dust 21-22), where the new inlet ensures only Atex certified accessories to be connected on, thus avoiding any improper use thanks to the new Atex Accessories Concept. Filtration is provided by an improved Antistatic M class Star Filter. The VHC110 is always equipped with a pressure gauge. VHC110 is the ideal industrial vacuum for shipyards, metalworking companies, oil refineries, chemical industries, spray-painting facilities, rifle ranges applications, as well as in the food industry, whenever in presence of static electricity (working with sugar or flour), on building sites, and during surface treatment operations.

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Specific versions for additive manufacturing available

Compact dimensions
High container capacity
Energy saving
Halved compressed air consumption
Quick return on investment
Less shutdowns on ordinary maintanance
Flameproof ATEX version (for zones Gas 1-2 and Dust 21-22)
Clapet/Pullclean as a standard
M antistatic filter as a standard on Atex/Exp versions
Pressure gauge
Stainless steel version available
Upstream and Downstream HEPA filter available
Specific version for additive manufacturing available

Air Consumption 630 Nlmin @ 6 Bar
Max Vacuum 325 mbar
Max Air Flow 118 m3/h
Required Pressure 4 to 6 Bar
Filter surface 10,000 cm2
Inlet Ø 50 mm
Capacity 37 L

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